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Mastering your Network
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Each Player you activate will be assigned to a Signagelive Network. A Network can hold any number of Players, Users, Contents and Licences, you can learn about your Signagelive Network by watching this Video:

  • Each Player (media player or display) and its Licence can be part of one Network.

  • A User can be part of as many Networks as they are invited to and can switch between Networks using โ€˜My Signageliveโ€™.

  • Content is also unique to each Network, you can use the same Content in multiple Networks, but you will have to upload it multiple times within each Network to achieve this.

Can I change the appearance of my Network?

You can use the Edit Network function to change the appearance, or White Label, your Signagelive Network. Follow these instructions to learn more:

  • Login to your Signagelive Network as an Administrator

  • Select the Network drop-down (you will see Network: (your current Network))

  • Select Edit

Within the Network Edit options, you can edit the following information:

  • Network name

  • Contact name

  • Contact telephone number

  • Contact fax number

  • Contact email

  • Contact Address

  • Branding - allowing you to upload a custom image or logo to replace the Signagelive logo at top left of your Signagelive Network

You can also choose which applications are accessible within the Applications menu of your Signagelive Network as well as which Users have access to each.

To exit the Network Edit page, select one of the other Applications available within the Applications menu.

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