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Publishing a Layout to show as the result of a trigger
Publishing a Layout to show as the result of a trigger
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How do I Publish my Layout to show as the result of a trigger?

When publishing content, you're given the choice of setting content to display 'As the result of a trigger'. Whether you want to display KPIs, Emergency Messaging or a Welcome Messages, there are variety of triggers you can use to interrupt the content on your screen:

Although these triggers may be configured, and even execute, in different ways, the content will be published in the same way. It will also be stored locally on the device until receiving the trigger telling it to play. Watch this short video to learn more about how you can publish a Playlist that will only show as the result of a trigger:

To create a schedule and Publish your Layout, follow these steps:

  • Login to your Signagelive Network as Administrator or User

  • Select Content

  • Select Publish

  • Select ‘As the result of a trigger’

  • In Start Trigger, select

  • Select ‘Select Key Press’

  • Select one of the available Key Press options from within

  • Select when to end your schedule

  • ‘Until further notice’ will continue to show this Layout indefinitely

  • ‘Choose date’ allows you to set an end date and time for this schedule

    • ‘Play everyday’ will show the Layout every day

    • ‘Play on selected days’ allows you to choose which days of the week the Layout will be shown

    • ‘Play all day’ will continue to show this Layout all day on the selected days set in the previous step

    • ‘Play between selected times’ allows you to stipulate the times within the selected days that your Layout will be shown

    • Select which days you wish to show this Layout

    • Select the time of day you wish this Layout to show on the selected days

  • Select ‘What do you want to publish?

  • Select ‘Layout’

    • Add your Playlist to this zone by clicking the blue + button

    • Select which Playlist you wish to use within this zone

    • To add a second (or more) Playlist within the same zone, press the blue + button again

    • Select the additional Playlist and press OK

    • Select which Layout you wish to be published and press OK

    • Select any Schedulable Playlist Zone on your layout (click on one of the selectable zone thumbnails, or use the zones listed to the right of your layout preview)

      • This Playlist will be added to run within the zone indefinitely, if you wish to show numerous Playlists showing at different times, simply add another Playlist and continue to follow the instructions below to add timings to each.

  • You will now be asked when you would like this additional Playlist to show within the selected Schedulable Playlist Zone

    • Select ‘Start of Schedule’ to begin playing this Playlist when your Scheduled Layout begins

    • Select ‘Choose Date’ if you wish to begin playback of this Playlist at a certain time and date

    • Enter your chosen start date and time

    • Choose ‘End of Schedule’ to end playback of this Playlist using the schedule time and date previously set on your Layout

  • Repeat this process for all Schedulable Playlist Zones

  • Select any Ticker Zones and press the blue + button

    • Select an RSS feed from your Asset Library

    • Press OK

  • Please Note: You can only select one RSS feed per zone, to change the selected feed, press the blue + button again and select a new feed, which will overwrite the first chosen feed

  • Once you have populated each Schedulable Zone on your Layout, you can select the ‘Which Players do you want to publish to?’ section

  • Press ‘Select Players’

  • Select at least one Player from your Player Manager

    • You can use the search bar and folders and Smart folders here to easily access your Players

  • Select ‘OK’

  • You will see the Players being checked for compatibility before being shown with any notifications (if any)

  • When you are happy that your content can be published to the selected Players, press ‘Review & Publish’

  • You will be shown a summary of your publication, again, press ‘Publish to Players’ when you are happy to proceed

Please Note

Encountered an error? Look out for the tick icon to the right of each step. This icon indicates the status of the settings applied here. You can see a greyed out tick, a green tick or an amber triangle. Hovering over this icon will give you more information.


Your content is now being processed by our servers queuing system, and should be downloaded to your players local storage shortly. The time this takes will be dependant on the Content Check interval you have applied to your player, along with the processing of the content on our back-end server.

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