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Activating your Media Player against a existing licence
Activating your Media Player against a existing licence
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Requirements before you begin:

  • You must be logged into your Signagelive Account

  • You have added at least one existing licence to your Signagelive Network

When you have correctly configured your Media Player to communicate with Signagelive, you will need to activate it against a licence that you have allocated to your Signagelive Network. This activation process will involve taking a 6 digit activation code from your conjured device and pairing it with a licence.

Please Note

If you have not configured your chosen Media Player as with Signagelive then please refer to this ‘Our Media Players’ section of our Help Centre. If you are behind a secure network infrastructure then you may also at this stage find consulting our ‘How to connect Players to Signagelive’ article.

The following article will take you through the process of activating your Media Player.

How do I activate my Media Player?

If you have configured a device and a 6 digit activation code is being shown then you will now be in a position to activate your device against your licence, so please make a note of your Activation Code, and follow the steps below:

  • Within your desired Signagelive Network, please click on the Settings menu.

  • Within the Settings menu, please now select Licences.

  • Please now choose the licence you wish to activate a Player against and select its 16 digit licence code to be taken to the next step.

  • You will be shown the licence summary page including the Activate Player section, where you should enter the 6 digit activation code shown on your player

  • Please click the Activate Player button and you will be shown a message to confirm that the activation was successful.

Now that you have now successfully activated your device on your Network, your display will soon stop showing the Activation Code and begin automatically showing the Signagelive default image.

You can now visit the Network Manager to edit the Player information, such as its name and address details on the ‘Site and Contact Details’ tab if you would wish.

Please Note

When activating Players there can be certain instances that change the above process, so let’s highlight the different possibilities:

  • There are times when users re-activate devices with licences that have previously been in use and content is already scheduled. In the event you reactivate a Player with content already scheduled then the Player will not revert to a green tick upon activation, it will focus solely on downloading the published content and therefore you may see the 6-digit activation code stay on the screen for a longer period. This is not a concern in this scenario.

  • In the event you wish to swap the Media Player hardware from one device to another, you will need to Deactivate the Licence that is associated with the Player beforehand..

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