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Signagelive Updates (March 2024)
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What’s new

B-Deploy support added for BrightSign series 5 Players

  • You can now remotely manage your series 5 BrightSign devices using our B-Deploy integration - Learn More

Webhook notifications

  • For Developers, we’ve added the ability to send webhook notifications for a selection of functions from Signagelive to external applications - Learn More

Signagelive for Sony BRAVIA - client 1.20 released

  • In addition to the changes introduced in the recently-released client version 1.10 (Remote Screenshots, Signagelive Settings Menu timezone control and Screen Control), version 1.20 introduces Widget SDK functionality and includes additional bug fixes - Learn More

Grant Network Access enabled for all Signagelive Networks

  • GNA has now been enabled on all Signagelive Networks. For those unaware, GNA is a newly implemented security measure that changes the way our Signagelive Team can access your Signage Network - Learn More

Notifications and upcoming

Signagelive Help Centre + Live Chat moving to Intercom [February 26th 2024]

  • Our Support platform is switching to Intercom which will change the way you can engage with our Support Team. Our Help Centre will still be accessible via and all existing articles will still be there. You’ll also note the Live Chat button in your Signagelive Network has now moved to the bottom right. If you have any further questions, please get in touch.

Support for additional BrightSign series 5 Players being added + new features [Release Date TBC]

  • Support for XT2145 / HS125 / HS145 is being added alongside new features for both the 3/4 and 5 series clients. More details can be found here - Learn More

[ACTION NEEDED for LG webOS 2.0 and Samsung Tizen 2.4 users]

Ensure our NENA endpoints are accessible by June 28th

  • On June 28th we’re aiming to deploy a G2-based TLS certificate over to our primary endpoints, as such you’ll need to ensure your Players can reach these endpoints before this date to ensure Players remain operational - Learn More

Coming soon

Page numbering added to the Signagelive UI

  • We’re adding a page numbering system that will appear wherever a list resides in Signagelive (such as the Licence Manager, Network > Manage or the Playlist + Asset Manager). It’ll tell you what page you’re currently viewing along with how many records are available.

Screen Takeovers

  • This added functionality will allow Takeover schedules to be published to a group of Signagelive Players, which allows Players to temporarily display content in sync before falling back to their respective schedules - Learn More

Duplicating assets within a Playlist

  • All assets will be able to be duplicated from within the Playlist creator, which carries over all asset properties too - Learn More

Provisioning user groups

  • This adds the ability for groups of users to be synchronised from supported identity providers (Okta, Microsoft Entra ID, OneLogin) into Signagelive via group provisioning, This creates a group in the Settings > Users area containing all of the users, allowing them to login via SSO - Learn More

Granular User Permissions: Permission Sets

  • This new feature introduces Permission Sets which are groups of relevant/closely aligned permissions/functions that can be applied to individual Users, User Roles, User Groups, Partner applications and Network Applications - Learn More

Filter User Audits by Player

  • We’re adding a “Player” filter to the User Audit page that will allow users to filter reports by Player, allowing them to see all actions taken on a specific selected Player within a chosen timeframe - Learn More

Ability to sort lists in Signagelive

  • We’re adding the functionality for lists within the Signagelive UI to be sorted in ascending and descending order - Learn More

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