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February 2024 Updates
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12th February

  • B-Deploy support added for BrightSign series 5 Players - you can now configure and manage your series 5 BrightSign devices using our B-Deploy integration (auto-install).

  • Bug fixes (detailed below):

    • Changed the way that Sync Group IDs are set in Player Config Files

    • SMIL Improvements to handling recurrence

    • Limit Player Bandwidth if unable to download files

    • Pen Test Fix - User Password Reset Tokens don’t change

    • Remove requirement for Client Secret to be sent by internal applications

    • SL-7962 - Asset names are changed on upload if they contain characters which would be encoded

    • SL-6403 - Layout Thumbnails don’t include multi-line text

    • SL-7711 - Password Length limited to 20 characters and no validation

    • SL-7781 - Creating networks using 1 or more already used licences along with unused licences stops the network being created

    • SL-7429 Player and Playlist Export URLs not encoded

    • SL-7584 - Remove blank spaces after username as that now prevents logins since mySQL8 update

    • SL-5619 Notification Emails don’t include Player Name (Publish Refinements)

    • SL-7795 UTC Time used when calculating Licence Expiry Schedule Start

    • Remove captcha on New Network Page

    • SL-7973 - "Uploaded by" field shows Unknown as the value on Playlist Media Asset Properties modal on some scenarios

    • SL-8098 - Unsorted folder on network manager shows unexpected players

    • SL-7886 - Player dashboard won't load on child levels which parent level has the "Can Access" setting disabled

    • SL-5697 - Network Manager duplicated "Expires before" tablet when searching by Expires before

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