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Signagelive Updates (December 2023)
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What’s new

  • Grant Network Access enabled for all Signagelive Networks [3rd Jan 2024] [UPDATE: now happening on 15th Jan 2024]

    • Grant Network Access will be enabled for any remaining Signagelive Networks (Networks created pre-June 2023) - Learn More

  • Signagelive client version 1.29 for Samsung Tizen releasing [15th Jan 2024]

    • Client-side feeds support enabled for all Tizen Players - Learn More

    • [For Tizen 2.4 Players only] We are migrating Tizen 2.4 panels to our secondary endpoint (NENA) due to TLS certificate changes - Learn More

  • Support for the 2023 model of Philips Players

    • A new Signagelive client has been released, which adds support for 2023 models of Philips Players - Learn More

  • Signagelive client 1.995 released for LG webOS Players

    • The LG webOS client 1.995 release adds the ability to send screen on/off commands to your Player via our Web Triggers API, support for NENA endpoints and more general improvements - Learn More

Coming soon

  • B-Deploy support to be added for BrightSign series 5 Players

    • You’ll soon be able to remotely manage your series 5 BrightSign devices using our B-Deploy integration - Learn More

  • New supported media player - Sony

    • We’re adding a new Player type to the fleet of supported Signagelive devices - Coming Soon

  • Screen Takeovers

    • This added functionality will allow Takeover schedules to be published to a group of Signagelive Players, which allows Players to temporarily display content in sync before falling back to their respective schedules - Learn More

  • Duplicating assets within a Playlist

    • All assets will be able to be duplicated from within the Playlist creator, which carries over all asset properties too - Learn More

  • Provisioning user groups

    • This adds the ability for groups of users to be synchronised from supported identity providers (Okta, AzureAD, OneLogin) into Signagelive via group provisioning, This creates a group in the Settings > Users area containing all of the users, allowing them to login via SSO - Learn More

  • Granular User Permissions: Permission Sets

    • This new feature introduces Permission Sets which are groups of relevant/closely aligned permissions/functions that can be applied to individual Users, User Roles, User Groups, Partner applications and Network Applications - Learn More

  • Filter User Audits by Player

    • We’re adding a “Player” filter to the User Audit page that will allow users to filter reports by Player, allowing them to see all actions taken on a specific selected Player within a chosen timeframe - Learn More

  • Page numbering and list sorting added to our UI

    • We’re adding a page numbering system that will appear wherever a list resides in Signagelive (such as the Licence Manager, Network > Manage or the Playlist + Asset Manager). It’ll tell you what page you’re currently viewing along with how many records are available.

    • We’re adding the functionality for lists within the Signagelive UI to be sorted in ascending and descending order - Learn More

  • Webhook notifications

    • For Developers, we’re adding the ability to send webhook notifications for a selection of functions from Signagelive to external applications - Learn More

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