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Live Chat is Unavailable - [RESOLVED]
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Latest Update -

The Live Chat service has been restored.

We were experiencing an issue with Live Chat caused by a Zendesk upgrade to our Chat account.


  • 6 July @ 10:15 BST - We are now satisfied as a Support service that Live Chat has been restored and is operational. We have taken a number of chats since restoration, so we believe the matter is resolved. We will continue to monitor for the next working day. Please do let us know if you are trying to contact us via Chat and the option is not shown.

  • 6 July @ 02:00 BST / 09:00 SGT - our further testing today confirms chats can be initiated, however we still await official confirmation from Zendesk that the issue is resolved; users may still experience intermittent issues with the service.

  • 5 July @ 15:33 BST - Unfortunately, despite communications with Zendesk ongoing, our Live Chat service remains unavailable. We are continuing our efforts to resolve this matter at the soonest opportunity.

  • 5 July @ 11:30 BST - We are continuing to work with Zendesk at the moment. The matter has been escalated to a Zendesk Senior Support Engineer for additional escalation.

  • 5 July @ 10:19 BST - At this time Chat will not be an option for customers and will be prompted to leave a message if the Bot cannot assist. Please leave messages or email [email protected] for assistance.

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