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[Resolved] - Service Issues - Signagelive User access and login issues (DNS)
[Resolved] - Service Issues - Signagelive User access and login issues (DNS)
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Latest Update:

As of 12 Aug @ 06:30 AM BST -
There have been no further instances of DNS related issues since 11 Aug @ 20:30 PM BST, and as per our previous updates we believe this matter is resolved due to's emergency maintenance. We will provide more details from their Root Cause Analysis (RCA) when this has been provided.


To be provided.


  • 12 Aug @ 06:30 AM BST - See Latest Update

  • 11 Aug @ 20:56 PM BST - According to UK2 support the issue is now fully resolved and the emergency maintenance that they carried out that was responsible for the 2 recent DNS incidents this evening is now complete. Based on our communication with the Support Team we should expect no further DNS issues, and therefore no further Signagelive outages this evening. We have a pending ticket with requesting a full Root Cause Analysis (RCA) so we will be able to share more details once we have received.

  • 11 Aug @ 20:00 PM BST - We are aware of further issues with user disruption since approximately 20:00 PM BST and we are working with to address this matter. At this time there is little we can do except monitor and provide updates; the issues are outside of our control.

  • 11 Aug @ 19:58 PM BST - All services operational. (We continue to monitor).

  • 11 Aug @ 19:18 PM BST - The Signagelive Support Team noted further service disruption and this lasted approximately 10 minutes up until 19:28 PM BST when services became operational again. The Signagelive platform during this time will have been unavailable for some of our users. We believe this to as the result of 'Emergency Maintenance' as identified on the Status page.

UK2 Update - Date Friday 11th August 2023 / 18:43 PM UTC

We would like to inform you about urgent emergency maintenance that may impact your services. Please find the details below: Maintenance Details:

Start Time: 17:45 UTC on August 11, 2023 End Time: 19:45 UTC on August 11, 2023 Scope: Software upgrades on routers LON3 and LON1, affecting connectivity to all LON1 and LON2 customers.

  • 11 Aug @ 14:40 PM BST - provided the following update on their status page:

UK2 Update - Date Friday 11th August 2023 / Start time 13:40 UTC
Between the hours of 13:40 UTC and 14:28 UTC, we experienced an incident that impacted our London cloud location. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

  • 11 Aug @ 15:41 PM BST - We are continuing to monitor the situation, however we feel the DNS service is back up and running. We are working with to address this matter, however users should find that their access to the platform is operational.

  • 11 Aug @ 14:21 PM BST - Service issues caused by DNS Provider have been identified. This issue will be impacting user access to customers, but not all customers at this stage. Our Development Team are working with the DNS Provider ( to escalate and seek resolution at this time.

We would like to apologise to any customers impacted by these issues. We are working to ensure these are addressed and resolved as soon as we can. Further updates will follow.

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