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Core Infrastructure Service Issue - 12th March 2022 [Completed]
Core Infrastructure Service Issue - 12th March 2022 [Completed]
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13TH MARCH 07:00 AM GMT (15:00 PM SGT):

Rackspace have reported the issue is now resolved. This is the latest update from them:

Rackspace Update [04:33 AM UTC]The vendor updated that the links are up. Rackspace support teams are performing additional checks.

We received some reports over the weekend of intermittent UI access and/or performance issues. As touched on below, it would appear as the weekend progressed the impact of this issue on our services spread further than we had initially observed. With the above update from Rackspace however, we would now expect all Signagelive functionality to have returned.


12TH MARCH 14:30 PM GMT (22:30 PM SGT):

Our monitoring was alerting us to connectivity issues that seem to be primarily affecting our SMIL and legacy PC APIs. The Rackspace LON datacenter is suffering ongoing networking issues again:

Rackspace Update [~11:56 AM UTC]A portion of customers in the LON region may be experiencing intermittent issues including potential latency, packet loss or failed connectivity due to issues with a provider link. Engineers have been engaged and are working to resolve the issue.

The issues are intermittent, so SMIL and legacy PC players may miss some content checks, for example, but should still be able to successfully connect to the APIs at least some of the time. The issues do not currently appear to be affecting the UI or our main player API but this could change.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide an update when we believe the issues are fully resolved. In the meantime you can check this link for updates directly from Rackspace.


For current system status information about Signagelive, please check out our system status page. During an issue, you can also receive status updates by following Beamer Posts within the user interface. The summary of our investigation will be posted here when the issues has ended. If you have any concerns, questions, wish to report further issues or are looking for updates - please don't hesitate to contact our Support Team.

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