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(Rackspace Issue) Media Asset Upload Failures - 28/07/2022 [Completed]
(Rackspace Issue) Media Asset Upload Failures - 28/07/2022 [Completed]
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1ST AUGUST - 10.45

Rackspace have confirmed the issue was as a result of expiring TLS certificates on their side and has thus been resolved. We are therefore marking this issue as complete on our Help Centre.


28TH JULY - 13.38

Signagelive Services are operational and our engineers are continuing to monitor to confirm continued availability. We have identified a number of customers with failed media asset uploads, our Support team will be in contact with affected customers and all other data has been processed.

28TH JULY - 12.03

Our monitoring has alerted us to failed publications and media asset upload failures, our engineers are investigating.

28TH JULY - 12.51

We have identified that the issue is a result of authentication failures at Rackspace Cloud as per their status page -

28TH JULY - 13.18

Services at Rackspace have begun to recover and we are validating Signagelive Systems


We have identified an issue with Rackspace, where by thumbnails for media assets will not be created and publications won't work as they can't download widgets to process them, we are also not currently able to log in to their control panel. We are phoning them to raise a ticket, and we will keep you up to date


For current system status information about Signagelive, please check out our system status page. During an issue, you can also receive status updates by following Beamer Posts within the user interface. The summary of our investigation will be posted here when the issues has ended. If you have any concerns, questions, wish to report further issues or are looking for updates - please don't hesitate to contact our Support Team.

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