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Media Asset Upload Issue - 6th Sep, 2023 (RESOLVED)
Media Asset Upload Issue - 6th Sep, 2023 (RESOLVED)
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Latest Update:

The issue is now considered fully resolved


To be provided shortly


  • 6 Sep @ 13:50PM SGT - The situation has remained stable for the past couple of hours, so this matter is now considered resolved.

  • 6 Sep @ 11:30AM SGT - Development identified an issue with the static proxy servers' TLS certificate, and have begun implementing a fix across all concerned servers. The issue from an end-user perspective should now have been resolved. Final confirmation of this will be provided ASAP.

  • 6 Sep @ 10:20AM SGT - issue escalated to Development for immediate investigation.


Any attempt to upload media assets via Signagelive will result in an alert stating the asset could not be uploaded. This matter has already been escalated on top priority and is currently being investigated.

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