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December 2021 Updates
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7th December

[Platform] -

  • Fix: An issue with conditional tagging, where there was a chance in a specific scenario where player folder tags were used, that tags from other networks could mean content (from the players own network) shows on players that should be filtering that content out as they don't have the tag

13th December

[Platform] -

  • Fix: A minor patch to the UI that resolves the issue where occasionally after editing multiple assets within a playlist, certain aspects of the UI would become unresponsive.

[SSP - 3.12] -

  • Fix: Resolves the issue with D/E series activations/reactivations where players were unable to get all of their content. Players still in the state where they are activated but not downloading their latest content due to this issue, should complete the download process and update to their latest content automatically, once the latest client is applied to the device.

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