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November 2021 Updates
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November 1st

[Weather Widgets] -

  • Fix: relating to time zones and discrepancies in days being shown for the Weather Widgets has now been released

[Platform] -

  • Fix: API Token does not refresh after 10 minutes [Marketplace]

  • Fix: The activate button doesn't show in the licence details from the licence manager after deactivating a player [UI]

  • Fix: The Add player modal doesn't show the buttons on small resolutions [Dashboard]

  • Fix: You can't save the "user can upload media assets" flag in user details [Dashboard]

November 9th

[Platform] -

  • Fix: Tag order in the Player Export matches the order shown in the SL UI [Dashboard]

  • Fix: Validation of the Site Details when editing them via the Add Player to Network Modal [Dashboard]

  • Fix: The Add Player to Network modal remembers previously selected options [Dashboard]

  • Fix: Activate button not being re-enabled after deactivating a licence in the licence manager [Dashboard]

  • Feature: Ability to pre-stage players using the Add Player to Network modal [Dashboard]

  • Feature: Ref code 1-10 supported in the CSV upload of players in the Add Player to Network modal [Dashboard]

29th November

[Amazon Client Update] -

  • Improvement: Support the latest API's provided by Amazon

[DB update] -

  • Improvement: Critical Database Server updates

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