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February 2022 Updates
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New Features:

  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA) / Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • Ability to add Tags as part of the player prestaging process

  • Ability to automatically add local user media asset uploads to a specific folder and / or add tags

  • Add Network setting for enabling Proof of Play on Media Assets when they are uploaded


  • Italian language added to the User Interface

  • Adding and removing users from network applications will now log an audit entry

Bug Fixes:

  • Incident Properties modal > Messages section shows "Loading data... Please wait" text when no messages have been sent

  • Playlist creator - Time pickers on Validity tab reset to default times when PMA Properties modal is open

  • User manager - User First and Last Name details not updated after being edited and saving user details

  • Users with View Licences permission disabled can Renew and Convert licences on the player licence tab

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