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How to use Fiddler to find your Signagelive PC Client's External ID
How to use Fiddler to find your Signagelive PC Client's External ID
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In the event that you are trying to locate your Signagelive PC Client as a Player on your Signagelive network and the licence information has been cleared from the Player, then you may have run into the issue where your Player cannot be activated again against the Signagelive server.

To resolve this issue, what you need to do is find that Hardware ID from your Player, so to do this here are the steps we would require you to do:

  1. Please install the following Fiddler software application on the device where Signagelive is installed - Download Here

  2. Please now install the Fiddler application and run this on your Windows device.

  3. Now with the software running, please click on the Tools menu and from the drop-down click on Telerik Fiddler Options.

  4. A 'Telerik Fiddler Options' box will now appear, which you will now need to click the HTTPS tab.

  5. Please now tick the Decrypt HTTPS traffic box and then approve all follow-up prompts that appear.

  6. Once complete, now leave Fiddler running and now run the Signagelive Configuration Wizard.

  7. When the Signagelive Configuration Wizard launches, please click the Advanced option from the menu and then select I do not have a 16 digit Licence.

  8. If you now view Fiddler again you will hopefully see a series of processes shown. We are specifically interested in the process of the URL: / from HOST:

  9. When you find that process, please click it with your mouse cursor.

  10. With that selected, on the right please click the tab named Inspectors.

  11. From the tabs underneath, please now click Raw.

  12. Please now tell us the code that you see between the <externalid> </externalid> tag.

If you then raise to the Support Team then they will deactivate the associated Player to allow you to progress getting an activation code.

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