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How to Install Signagelive as a packaged application on your ChromeOS Player
How to Install Signagelive as a packaged application on your ChromeOS Player
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To install Signagelive as a Chrome packaged app on a non-managed device (Chromebox, Chromebook, Windows PC, Mac), have a look at this instructional video:

Text instructions for installing Signagelive for Chrome on your ChromeOS Player, PC or Mac can be found below:

  • To begin please ensure that the Google Chrome Browser is installed.

  • Please then open the Chrome browser and use this link to find and download the Signagelive app.

  • The Signagelive application for Chrome should now appear as an Application and to begin your installation you will need to click on the + Free button.

  • After clicking the + Free button you will receive a "Confirm New App" confirmation window asking if you would like to add Signagelive to your Chrome device. To proceed press click on the Add button.

  • After clicking the application will begin to install and you will see the Chrome App Launcher menu appear and the progress of Signagelive as it installs to your device. You will also see a green notification for the application being installed in the web store.

After the installation has completed you will be able to run Signagelive from either the Chrome App Launcher or the Chrome Apps tab. When you run Signagelive on your Chrome Player for the first time then our application will begin to run through the installation process:

  • The first screen you will see is the Signagelive ChromeOS Setup window, which offers you the opportunity to set your timezone and screen rotation. Once you have made your required settings, please click on the Save button to proceed.

  • After clicking Save, your screen will now turn black and you will see a series of installation messages such as Registering with Signagelive and Downloading Content.

  • Once the installation has completed you will now be presented with a 6 digit activation code which you can link to a Signagelive licence within your network.

Installing Signagelive as a packaged app on a managed device

For managed Chromebooks and Chromeboxes, it is possible to configure Signagelive as a pre-installed app using the Google Admin console.

Detailed instructions about the process can be found here.

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