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Signagelive for ChromeOS Overview
Signagelive for ChromeOS Overview
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Signagelive for ChromeOS

Signagelive for ChromeOS enables any Google Chromebox, Chromebase, or Chromebit to become a digital signage player. Create, Manage and Publish content to any number of Chrome devices centrally from your web browser using Signagelive’s cloud-based Signage management solution.

The following video shows how Signagelive and Google Chrome media players work together as a single solution:

Key features include:

  • Full-screen and multi-zone layout support

  • Landscape and portrait support

  • Offline playback of media

  • Video, Images, Web pages, RSS,

  • Screen on/off control

  • Remote updates

  • Device monitoring and reporting

How can I use Signagelive on my ChromeOS Player?

There are 2 ways in which you can install and run Signagelive on your ChromeOs Player, see the methods and their uses below:

  • Kiosk Mode - Players will automatically launch into the Signagelive application upon startup, not requiring a login. Players using this mode will also require a Chrome Device Management Licence.

  • In Interactive Kiosk Mode - *Commonly* used on interactive or touch kiosks (Wayfinding etc). Signagelive will automatically launch upon startup and will allow interactions to change the content being displayed.

Please Note

In order to configure and manage your Chrome devices then they will need to be set up in the Chrome Device Management Console. This will require separate licences. You can learn more about this here.

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