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How to Install the Signagelive Self Hosted Application for ChromeOS
How to Install the Signagelive Self Hosted Application for ChromeOS
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For users looking to install the Signagelive ChromeOS Self Hosted Application you will be required to following the below instructions to configure this process:

Where to install the Self Hosted Application

  1. Please go to the Google Admin page to login via

  2. When logged in, please use the menus to go to Devices > Chrome > Apps and Extensions > Users and Browsers

  3. Please now navigate to the organisational unit that you want to install the application to and go to Kiosks

  4. Within the Kiosks area, please now click the + button and then select Add Chrome app or extension by ID from the menu.

Please Note

We supply two versions of the Self Hosted Application; Latest (recommended as this is updated) and specific versions (which are not updated).

Installing the Latest Self Hosted Application

To add the latest self hosted application, please follow these steps:

  1. In the Add Chrome App or extension by ID window, please enter the Extension ID: gheplijojgcchgoohobjjmclegekdlnb

  2. On the dropdown field, click From a Custom URL and add the following as your URL:

Installing the Specific Version Self Hosted Application

To add the specific version please refer to the information below for the ID and URL, and follow these steps:

  1. There should now be a new app available in the CDM with the extension ID as its reference, you can then amend your permissions as required for that application or choose to inherit them based on your organisation setup.

  2. To auto-start this application you can choose it from the dropdown menu and save the changes. The general CDM management process still applies.

  3. In regards to application updates (e.g. a new Signagelive client release) these will re-sync based on the CDM sync policy (usually every few hours).

Production (Latest)

Production (1.91)

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