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How to migrate from Marketplace Application to Self Hosted Application for ChromeOS
How to migrate from Marketplace Application to Self Hosted Application for ChromeOS
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For users looking to migrate their ChromeOS application from the Marketplace version to the Self Hosted Application you will be required to following the below instructions to configure this process:

Please Note

You must be an administrator of your Chrome Enterprise workspace to complete these steps.

How to uninstall your current Signagelive application

  1. Please begin by deactivating the licence associated with your device in the Signagelive user interface (see this article for guidance).

  2. In the Google admin management panel please go to Devices > Chrome Management > Apps and extensions

  3. Please now uninstall your previous Signagelive application.

Depending on your installation policy you will need to remove it from the top-most level of the organisational unit in which it has been assigned. Alternatively if you are installing on a smaller organisation unit before launch then you can temporarily just set this to Not Installed until your testing is complete.

Please Note

We supply two versions of the Self Hosted Application; Latest (recommended as this is updated) and specific versions (which are not updated).

Installing the Latest Self Hosted Application

  1. Please now click the + button and then select Add Chrome app or extension by ID from the menu.

  2. To add the latest application, in the Add Chrome App or extension by ID window, please enter the Extension ID: gheplijojgcchgoohobjjmclegekdlnb

  3. On the dropdown field, click From a Custom URL and add the following as your URL:

  4. To add a specific version please refer to the information below for the ID and Url

  5. Please now click Save - this application will now be deployed to the chosen devices when they have synced the policy change. This will then run the Signagelive application as a kiosk app. From here you can login and go back to your chosen Signagelive network and activate the device.

Production (Latest)

Production (1.91)

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