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ChromeOS - V3 Manifest / Below ChromeOS 88
ChromeOS - V3 Manifest / Below ChromeOS 88
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Google are requiring that all ChromeOS applications are updated to the latest version of the manifest by January 2023

Please see xxxx for more information.

Please note that V3 manifest is only supported on Chrome 88 and above.

Due to the way that application updates are deployed by Google any devices running an operating system version below 88 will no longer continue to function once the application update is deployed.

In order to ensure your device continues to operate you must switch to an alternative version of the Signagelive application which is “self hosted” by xxxxx

This will be hosted by Signagelive and can be installed as follows -


You will need to deactivate and reactivate your Player within Signagelive as this is effectively a new application install and it is not possible to share data between applications due to the security sandboxing features of Google Chrome OS.

Note - that if you device is running a version of ChromeOS below 88 it is highly likely that it has already passed the Auto Update Expiry and is there subject to the risks associated and detailed here

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