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My Chrome Auto Update policy has expired
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Chrome devices such as Chromebox, Chromebase, and Chromebits will automatically update following Chrome's Auto Update policy.More information about Chrome Auto Update policy.

Chrome devices that have not reached their Auto Update Expiry (AUE) date will continue to receive OS updates and function with Chrome Education Upgrade and Chrome Enterprise Upgrade.

Please Note

After the Auto Update Expiry (AUE) date is reached, existing and future policies may not work as intended, and technical support will not be provided.

How to check the Auto Update Expiry date on Chrome CDM

Chrome's “Chrome Device Management” portal will allow you to check your player's AUE expiration date. To access this go to:

  • Admin console home page > Devices > Chrome

  • Click Devices.

  • Within here you will see a column for “Auto-update expiration”.

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