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Latest Signagelive Client versions across all player types
Latest Signagelive Client versions across all player types
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It is important your media player/s are on the latest Signagelive client version to ensure they have access to the most recent feature sets and bug fixes (as applicable). The client version can also be a critical component when it comes to Signagelive’s ability to communicate with a player.

What are the latest client versions across the different types of media players?

Please refer to this spreadsheet for further information.

How can I check the client version my player/s are currently on?

In order to check the current client version of your player, please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the main network page: Network > Manage

  2. Click on the relevant player name

  3. On the Status tab, the Client Version will be listed in the Overview section.

How can I update the client version of my player?

The good news is you won’t have to. Players should automatically update to the new client within 24 hours of it being released, or when they are next rebooted.

Please Note

You will be notified of upcoming client updates for the various media players via the ‘What’s New’ section on our website, and also the News and Announcement beamer on the Signagelive user interface (by clicking on the bell icon found at the top-right).

My media player is not on the latest client version, what should I do?

If it’s been more than 24 hours since the new client version was released, and/or the player has already been rebooted, but your player still hasn’t updated, we would recommend first confirming the following:

  • The player has a working internet connection. Without this, the player will not receive the client update request from Signagelive.

  • The player is powered on (as above)

  • The local network in which the player resides is not blocking the update request. Please refer to this article for more information on connecting Signagelive in a secured network.

  • The local network in which the player resides does not have a bandwidth restriction nor was it experiencing heavy traffic during the update window. If so this might impact the player’s ability to receive the update request from Signagelive.

To identify such issues, it’s often best to perform systematic checks:

  • Manually check the player has a working internet connection / is powered on.

  • Determine if the player is routinely checking in to Signagelive according to the ‘Content Check’ frequency set on the player (via the player’s Connectivity tab in Signagelive).

  • Optionally - confirm the player is receiving requests from Signagelive by pushing new/updated content or removing existing content. If the update reflects on the screen, the connection is fine.

If these checks all pass or have been addressed, and your player is still not on the latest client, then at this stage we would recommend logging a support ticket with our Technical Support team by emailing [email protected], who in turn will be able to guide you further on next steps. To assist with the initial investigation, when logging said ticket, please provide your network/player details and the checks you have performed to date.

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