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Signagelive for Philips Overview
Signagelive for Philips Overview
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Signagelive for Philips displays

Signagelive for Philips displays combines the power of the Android Operating System with the flexibility of Signagelive delivering impressive price/performance. Create, Manage and Publish content to any number of Philips Displays centrally from your web browser using Signagelive’s cloud-based Signage management solution.

Key features include:

  • Full Signagelive Media Player with fullscreen and multi-zone support

  • Images, Videos, HTML5 web page support

  • 100% support for scheduling including; recurrence, validity, and tag-based publishing

  • Remote application updates for inline upgrades to the Signagelive Android client

  • Widget support – Over 500 Editable Templates, Clocks, Weather, and Room Booking Templates

  • Web Trigger support for event-driven content playback

  • Offline playback of all media, layouts, widgets, and editable templates

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