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Why am I not receiving email responses from the Signagelive Support Team?
Why am I not receiving email responses from the Signagelive Support Team?
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The Signagelive Support Team uses Zendesk to help deliver our help centre, live chat, and ticketing system. There are two ways that customers can see our replies and that is either via your emails or by directly logging into our help centre and then creating, commenting, or managing your current tickets.

If you opt to use your emails to respond to the Signagelive Support Team and are not receiving our replies then please ensure that these are not being placed in your Junk Folder, Trash, or filtered to another folder. Our emails will come from the following email domain "".

Please, therefore, ensure that this email address is whitelisted or allowed to go to an area where you can see our emails.

How do I log in to my Signagelive Help Centre account?

You can access your Signagelive Help Centre account by carrying out the following steps:

  1. Please navigate to the following URL -

  2. At the top of the screen, please click Sign In

  3. You will now need to enter your Email and Password for your help centre account, and then once complete please click on the Sign In button.

  4. Please now click on your Username at the top of the page, and from the drop-down menu, please click My Activities

  5. You will now be in the My Requests area and will see all tickets you have either created or cc’d into.

You can see and reply to all of your tickets from this area if you prefer to not directly respond via your emails.

If you wish to know of the different ways of contacting the Signagelive Support Team then please take look at this article - How to contact our Support Team

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