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How do I use the Native Portrait feature on my Samsung display?
How do I use the Native Portrait feature on my Samsung display?
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The great benefit of the new Native Portrait feature is that you no longer need to rotate videos and can simply use the on-screen Samsung Menu to set the portrait mode and the Signagelive application will adhere to this setting.

Please Note

It is not possible to achieve this functionality if you have an earlier panel model: C or D range.

To Configure Native Portrait on your Tizen players:

  • Press the red A button on your remote

  • Change the Rotation to be either 90 or 270 degrees and ensure the Rotate Videos tick box is selected.

  • Save your settings

Now all your landscape content will automatically rotate to appear in portrait orientation.

Please Note

With your Tizen, you can also use our Portrait App to display your content by entering the following into the URL Launcher on your display:

To Configure Native Portrait on your E range players, please follow the steps below:

Please Note

Following this step, you must deactivate and reactivate your Signagelive player before the settings will take place.

  • When you have changed the URL, please now click the Source button and select any of the inputs. As they appear first we'd recommend selecting the PC or HDMI inputs, but it does not matter which you choose.

  • Please now click on the Menu button and from the options select the OnScreen Display option. From the sub-options that appear, please select Display Orientation.

  • On the Display Orientation window, please now ensure the OnScreen Menu Orientation and Source Content Orientation are set to Portrait.

  • Once you have made these selections, press the Home button and then select URL Launcher to return to using Signagelive.

You have now successfully changed the screen orientation natively on your device.

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