Adding your new dashboard to Signagelive
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Requirements before you begin:

  • You must download the Secure Dashboards app from our Marketplace, please check this article for a Marketplace overview.

Please Note

As of September 5th, we have moved our applications tray. Click the icon in the left corner of your dashboard to switch to a different application.

After creating your dashboards, you will need to leave the Data Integrations application and return back to Signagelive to use it. You can do this by clicking on Application (Post Sept 5th 2022: Grid icon - Top left) and select "Signagelive".


Once you have returned to Signagelive, navigate to creating a new playlist or use an existing playlist
(depending on how you would like to display your content).


Upload your Secure Dashboard widget (which should have been provided to you on your welcome
email) and add it to a playlist, like you would with any other media asset. Once added, double click
on the asset. You will now see a dropdown of the dashboards you would like to display (from your
configured dashboards).


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