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We have now added the ability to connect an additional storage device to your panel and switch the application to use this. The benefit of doing this is that you can increase the storage available to use for your media, whereas the panels depending on the model range from 2GB (D Models) to 5.35GB (E Models).

Please Note

You will require version 2.93 or higher of the Signagelive Samsung Smart Signage Platform to be able to have this feature. You will also require an external storage device to be connected to the USB slot on the panel for this option to become available within the settings menu.

How to switch the application to use external storage?

To be able to use external storage via the Signagelive application on your Samsung panel, you will need to:

  • Power on your panel and allow the Signagelive application to load.

  • Please now press the Red button on your Samsung remote and the Signagelive Settings screen will load.

  • On the Settings screen, there are several options. The one you will need to use is the Media File Storage tick box, this will only show if you have a storage device connected.

  • Please now use the Up/Down arrows on your remote to select which device you would like to use for your external storage.

  • When you are finished you can now save your changes by clicking the Save button and on doing this you will return to the application playing your content.

  • The application will then begin transferring your media to the new external storage device.

Please Note

This feature is currently only supported on Samsung D and E range displays. For more details about Player compatibility, please see this article.

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