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Installing Signagelive on a meldCX Device
Installing Signagelive on a meldCX Device
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*Please Note: the meldCX agentM app will need to be installed before installing Signagelive, see the meldCX Help Centre here for more details and instructions

When turning on your meldCX device for the first time head to the meldCX admin page. This can be found at

Once in the Admin panel, you should see your meldCX device within the “DEVICES” tab. Select your device here.

Within the Device panel, select the tab “APPS”. Within here you will be able to select the Signagelive app in the “Install new application” dropdown menu (If you do not see the Signagelive application, please contact your meldCX representative.


You should now see Signagelive as an installed application on the device.

Once completed, go to the DISPLAYS tab. Select the screen your device is connected to and scroll down to the DISPLAY SCHEDULE. Here you can select the app that you would like to run (Signagelive) and the scheduled time you would like to display the app.

*Please Note: If you have not already set up a schedule you will need to do this in the SCHEDULES tab from the home page. Create a new schedule by selecting the + SCHEDULE button. Here you can create a new schedule, schedule name and duration. If you would like to run Signagelive at all times, set the start to be 00:00 and end to be 23:59 on every day.

Your device should now display the Signagelive meldCX Setup on your screen with the timezone option and interactive Kiosk mode options.

Please take a moment to read the meldCX FAQ’s for further information.

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