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Configuring Viana™ by meldCX with Signagelive
Configuring Viana™ by meldCX with Signagelive
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Requirements before you begin:

  • Access to meldCX’s Viana Portal

  • Your Edge device with the Viana Edge desktop application installed

  • A web-cam/sensor plugged into your Edge device

  • A ChromeOS or Signagelive for Windows Player

  • A floor plan of the room you wish to configure your Edge device in JPEG or PNG format (less than 1000px in width)

  • HTTP RTE's enabled on your chosen Signagelive Network

In this article, we will outline how you can make the most out of using Signagelive in conjunction with Viana™ by meldCX. Before reading this article ensure you have read the following:

Please Note

The minimum supported Signagelive Client is 2.01 (Build 292) when running Viana with ChromeOS. If you suspect your device is on a version lower than this, please contact our Support Team

Setting your device up for the first time

When you first boot up your Edge device (the device that your sensor/camera will be plugged into), this device should be already paired with your assosciated Viana Network. In the instance that it is not, and you see a pairing code on-screen, please contact our Support Team.

Adding your Edge device to your Viana Network (the Viana Portal)

If you are re-pairing an Edge device with an existing Viana Network, and your assosciated Signagelive Player is still on the same Signagelive Network, then you can follow the steps in this section to re-pair your Edge device to your Viana Network. If you are moving devices between Signagelive Networks, please contact our Support Team before attempting to carry out any of the steps in this article.

Once the Viana Edge desktop application has been installed on your device, you will see a pairing code on-screen. Once you have this, please proceed with the steps below to connect this device to your Viana Network.

  • Login to the Viana Portal

  • Click on the Devices tab below the Manage module

  • Click on the + Add Device button.

  • Read the End User Terms and press Accept

  • Enter your Pairing Code displayed on the screen of your Edge device

  • Select the Audience Measurement Service Applet and then click Install

Now your Edge device has been added to the Viana Portal it is ready to be assigned to a site and zone. At this stage, this device is unallocated and can be found under Manage > Devices > Unallocated Devices.

Creating and assigning Sites, Floors and Zones to your Edge device

In order to map the trackable areas for Viana (Floors and Zones) to your Edge device, you’ll need to create a Site which houses these trackable areas and then assign all of the above to your Edge device. Please follow the steps below in order to do so:

Creating a Site

  1. Head to Manage > Sites and click + New Site

  2. Give your Site a Name, Location and Time Zone (and fill in any optional fields you wish) then click Save

Creating a Floor

  1. Click on your newly created Site > click on the Floors tab > click + New Floor

  2. Give your Floor a Name and upload your floor plan image then press Save

Creating a Zone (an area within a Floor that will be tracked by Viana)

  1. Head to Manage > Sites and click on your site

  2. Click on the Floors tab, click on the Floor you wish to add a Zone to and then click the Edit Floor Plan button

  3. Click the Rectangle tool from the top left and draw your trigger Zone on your floor plan you uploaded earlier

  4. Give your Zone a Name and Maximum Capacity then press Save

  5. Press Save Changes

Assigning Sites, Floors and Zones to your Edge device

  1. Head to Manage > Devices > Unallocated Devices and click on your device’s name

  2. Select Edit Device Details from the Actions drop-down menu

  3. Give your device a Name, then select your Site, Floor and Zone from the drop-down menus then click Save

Adding Sensors

A Sensor is a camera that integrates with Viana in order to detect, track, process and transmit raw data to the Viana cloud and trigger your content on your Signagelive device. Please ensure your camera is connected to your Edge device and then proceed to follow the steps below to configure your Sensor:

  1. Head to Manage > Sensors and click + Add Sensors

  2. Select Sensor on Viana Edge Device

  3. Choose your Edge device from the drop-down menu, then select a camera type from the Choose a camera type drop-down menu (Camera connected through USB or IP Camera [RTSP])

  4. Click Test Connection and confirm that your Sensor is functioning (if so, a message will appear that reads “We’ve successfully connected to the sensor”)

  5. Click Next and you should see a preview of your Sensor

  6. Click Next

  7. Select a Viana Subscription from the left and toggle the Service Applets you would like to run on your Sensor to the On position on the right

  8. On the next tab, give your Sensor a Name and select your Site, Floor and Zone that you wish to assign to this Sensor

  9. Press Next, confirm all of the details are correct then select Finish

You have now completed your Viana Network configuration and now can proceed to the COATRO configuration (where the Signagelive integration can commence):

Switching to the COATRO Dashboard

Click the menu button to the left of your Profile (located in the top right corner of the Viana Portal) and click on Coatro

You’ll now be redirected to the COATRO Portal.

Pairing your Sensor to Signagelive

  1. Click on Sensor Pairing below the HARDWARE menu

  2. Click the + button to expand the device details of your selected Edge device

  3. Click Pair with Signage then select Signagelive from the Signage Vendor drop-down menu

  4. Select the name of your Signagelive Network from the Signage Name drop-down menu

  5. Click Pair

Create a Targeting Strategy

Your Targeting Strategy is where you will determine the prerequisites that are to be met in order for your content to be triggered. Please follow the steps below to define your Targeting Strategy:

  1. Whilst in the COATRO application, click on the Targeting Strategy tab

  2. Click +Add Strategy

  3. Give your Targeting Strategy a name by filling in the Name field under Strategy Information, you can also add a description here if you wish

  4. In the Signage Selection area, select your Signagelive Network from the Search for signage field

  5. Under Schedule Details, define when you would like your content to be scheduled from the options available

  6. Next, under Target Segments, select Add Segment

  7. Give your Target Segment a name by filling in the Name field under Segment Information

  8. In the Content to Play section, you should see all of the content that was published with the NEC ALP trigger back when your initially configured your Player with the triggered content, select which asset you wish to trigger

  9. Under Audience Parameters, select Add a Match Condition and define the Parameters and Values you would like to use to trigger your content

  10. Press Done

  11. Select an option from the Segment Weighting section

  12. Press Save

Now that you have your sensor paired with your Player and a Targeting Strategy in place, your Player should begin triggering your content when someone matching your Targeting Strategy walks into view of your sensor.

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