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Preparing your content for soft triggering
Preparing your content for soft triggering
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As and when your Viana™ Sensor picks up a subject within the triggering zone, you may wish to trigger said content in a non-intrusive way. Making use of Soft Triggers allows content to be triggered and displayed on-screen after your current asset on-screen finishes playing, instead of immediately interrupting the current content that is on-screen. To prepare your content to be triggered as a Soft Trigger, please follow the steps outlined below:

Please Note

Soft Triggers is currently supported on the Windows, BrightSign and ChromeOS [2.01 (Build 292)] versions of the Signagelive client.

  1. Create a Playlist containing all of the assets that you wish to trigger using Viana COATRO (the order of content does not matter in this instance)

  2. Once you have a Playlist ready, head to Content > Publish

  3. In step 1 of the publication stage (1. When do you want this content to play?), select As the result of a trigger

  4. Under Start Trigger, select Key Press then select NEC ALP from the Select Key Press drop-down menu

  5. In step 2 of the publication stage (2. What do you want to publish?), select your Playlist containing the content you wish to be used as a trigger

  6. In step 3 of the publication stage (3. Which Players do you want to publish to?), select your Player(s)

Once you have prepared your content for soft triggering, you can resume following the steps in this article to get your Signagelive content integrated with meldCX's Viana solution.

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