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What is a User Audit?

A User Audit will show all the major activity within your Signagelive Network per User or per Player (coming soon). You can filter the User Audit down to a specific User, all Users and specific Players and you have the option of simply viewing or exporting the results returned.

Learn more about exporting reports, here

To perform a User Audit, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Signagelive Network as an Administrator, User or Read Only User

  • Select Reports

  • Select Users

  • Select User Audit

  • Now select either one User from the drop-down list, or leave empty to show all User activity

  • You can also select a specific Player from the secondary drop-down menu (or leave blank and all Players will be shown in the results returned) [coming soon]

  • Choose a start date for your report, or leave blank to show all historical usage

  • Choose an end date for your report, or leave blank to report until ‘now’

  • Click either View to view report immediately within Signagelive or Export, to have a .csv version of this report sent to your email address.

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