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Exporting Information about the players on your network
Exporting Information about the players on your network
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If you are logged into your Signagelive Network as an Administrator, User, or Read-Only User, you can export information about the players on your network.

To do this, select “Network” > “Manage” from the navigation bar at the top of Signagelive. From here you can filter the players you would like to report on using the dropdown boxes or the custom folders you have created to the left.

Once you have marked all of the players you would like to generate a report on, select Export.

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You will then be shown a notification saying the report will be sent to you via email. Once the report is complete, it will be sent to the email address used as the username for the currently logged-in User. Check your emails (but not too soon, as the report needs some time to generate), and you should see that the report has been sent to you, and a .csv file of your chosen report will be attached.

The reports generated using this method will show all of the information from the player dashboard. This includes the player name and site details, the device's reported system information, connectivity details, and licence details.

Other reports will be available to you by using the Reports drop-down for user reports and media asset reports.

Why haven’t I received my exported report?

Be patient, some reports are generated faster than others, it may take 5-10 minutes for a report to be sent to you. You may also have to check your spam folder as reports may find themselves sent there in error.

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