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How do I use Remote Screenshots
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What are Remote Screenshots?

Remote Screenshots allow you to capture an image of the content running on your player at a predefined regular interval.

How do I activate Remote Screenshots?

To use this feature, follow these simple steps:

  • Login to your Signagelive Network as an Administrator

  • Select Network

  • Select Manage

  • Select the Player you wish to configure

  • Select ‘Connectivity’ from the Player Details

  • Check the box saying ‘Enabled’ in the Remote Screenshots section

  • Choose the frequency of the Remote Screenshot capture using the drop down menu

  • Check the ‘At Next Content Check’ if you wish to capture a Remote Screenshot when the Player next performs its scheduled Content Check

  • Select Save

Once activated, you can simply change any of these settings and save your changes to amend the Remote Screenshot configuration.

Please Note: Remote Screenshots are not available for Chrome, Philips, Iadea, or Samsung C Series players.

Where can I see the Remote Screenshots once activated?

When you have activated Remote Screenshots on a compatible Player, you will see the Latest Screenshot within the Player Manager (Network - Manage), replacing the thumbnail previously there.

You will also be shown the screenshot when viewing the Player Details in the Status Tab (Network - Manage - Select Player)

Are you using Remote Screenshots on an LG webOS player?

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