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How do I reuse a player on a different network
How do I reuse a player on a different network
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Please check this article if you are looking to remove a player from your network and add it to a different one. The process basically consists of two steps, three if you are using our Windows based legacy PC player.

Step 1: Deactivate your player on Signagelive

Firstly, you must deactivate your Player.

How do I deactivate my Player?

A ‘Player’ in Signagelive is a piece of hardware registered to a Signagelive licence, this happens during the Player activation process. So if you wish to swap the hardware registered to any Player or licence, you can simply deactivate that Player from the Player information.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your Signagelive Network as an Administrator

  • Select Network

  • Select Manage

  • Select the Player from your Player Manager that you wish to deactivate or swap

  • Select Licence tab

  • Select Deactivate

  • Confirm the deactivation

  • If you are not using the legacy PC client, the activation code will be shown on screen after a few seconds.

Step 2: Remove licence information (Legacy PC client only)

Please skip this step if you are not using our Legacy PC client, if you are not sure which client you are using our Support Team will be able to assist.

  • Make sure the Signagelive client is closed and the signcontroller.exe process is not running

  • On the Windows menus, please click Start > Programs > Signagelive > Remove Signagelive Licence Information

  • You will now be presented with the Signagelive Licence Removal Tool and simply need to click the Clear Licence Information button to finish this process. You should receive a confirmation message on screen.

  • You can now close the Signagelive Licence Removal Tool

  • Run the legacy PC client. The activation code will be shown on screen after a few seconds.

Step 3: How do I activate the Player using a different licence?

Before Activating a new Player against a different licence, make sure it is showing its 6 digit activation code as described on previous steps.

To activate your player against a different licence, simply follow these steps:

  • Login to the Signagelive Network you are willing to use as an Administrator

  • Select Settings

  • Select Licences

  • Select the licence you want to use.

  • Select Activate

  • Enter the 6 digit activation code shown on your player

  • Select Save

What information will be retained by the Player?

As you are activating the player against a completely different licence on a different network, no information or setting will be retained, so when it performs its first Content Check, it will begin to download its new content and settings as if it was a new piece of hardware. If you have used a new unregistered licence you will need to publish some content

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