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Using HTTP RTE and Local Triggers to switch between a full screen Playlist and a multi zone Layout
Using HTTP RTE and Local Triggers to switch between a full screen Playlist and a multi zone Layout
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This is a short guide on how to use Local Triggers and HTTP Real Time Events on a Signagelive Player to trigger an Interrupt on a player to switch between a full screen Playlist and a multi zone Layout.

To be able to use HTTP Real Time Events you will need to contact Signagelive support so that this can be enabled on your Signagelive Network.

Supported Players

The Signagelive players which currently support local triggers are BrightSign, Chrome OS and Electron (PC and macOS).


The best way for this process to work, is if you publish the full screen content to your player as default / scheduled content, and the Layout content to your player as an Interrupt.

1. Publish the Interrupt to your Player

You will need to follow the standard Signagelive process to publish a Layout to your player. This guide walks you through this process. You will need to make a note of the Key Press you select as the Start Trigger for the interrupt.

2. Configure a Network Real Time Event

We will be configuring a Network Real Time Event so that it can be re used and so that we don’t have to configure the full event against multiple media assets if we wish to reuse it, we can just select the network template.

  1. Log in to your Signagelive network

  2. Navigate to Settings > Real Time Events

  3. Click on the + button and select “Custom Event”

  4. Name your Real Time Event something which is memorable.

  5. For example: 'Interrupt A Localhost Trigger'

  6. Select Asset Complete

  7. Select HTTP

  8. Set the Type to POST

  9. Add a New Header with the values:

  • Name: Content-Type

  • Value: application/json

Select the Body tab and enter the object mentioned below

Click Save

Structure of an Interrupt object:

{"triggerKey":"##{{Key Press selected when publishing the interrupt}}"}

Example of the full object:


3. Configuring The Real Time Event to be sent

Now we have created the Real Time Event, we need to configure which Media Asset in your full screen Playlist will send the trigger, and therefore after it has played, the player will switch to the Layout interrupt.

  1. Navigate to the Playlist Creator (Content > Playlists)

  2. Locate the trigger asset you wish to use, find it in your Media Asset library

  3. Open the Media Asset properties

  4. Go to the Real Time Events tab

  5. Click on the + button and select From Template

  6. Select the Real Time Event you just created from the drop down list and click OK

  7. Click OK on the Media Asset properties modal

You can publish this to multiple Signagelive players, and if the interrupt is published to those players, when this media asset finishes playing, it will trigger the published interrupt.

Please Note

Now this is configured whenever this Media Asset is played on your player, it will send the Real Time Event when it finished playing, and will therefore trigger the interrupt if it is published.

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