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What are interrupts? How can I use them?
What are interrupts? How can I use them?
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What you can achieve with this feature:

  • Switch from showing a full screen Playlist to a Layout schedule.

  • Switch from showing a Layout to a full screen Playlist.

  • Switch from showing a full screen Playlist to show another full screen Playlist.

  • Switch from showing a Layout to another Layout.

What is an interrupt?

In terms of Signagelive, an interrupt is a piece of content that becomes active upon detection of any user input sent to the players USB port or over the local network via a separate web interface.

When an interrupt is triggered the current content is paused and the configured interrupt media asset, Playlist or Layout will begin playing. An interrupt can be set to either run for a specific duration of time or continue playing until another interrupt is called to cancel the content from display on your player.

Which Interrupt should I use?

You have 4 options available in terms of interrupting content, they are:

  • Web Triggers - Use our API to communicate with any API you may have developed, allowing for unlimited functionality and timing around the deployment of interrupting assets/playlists and layouts.

  • Key or board-based Interrupt (RTE) - This requires the Signagelive player being used to have a USB port, and will assign your interrupting content to an action being carried out on specific key or code on the connected input device.

  • Remote Control Interrupts - Much like the key press, this is assigned using the keys available in our publishing module, and setup of this feature can be found here.

  • Control Asset Interrupt (Legacy feature) - This is a Control asset, available in the folder by the same name in your media asset library, when this point in your Main playlist is reached, the interrupting content on the assigned key will play.

How do I set up an Interrupt?

You can learn more about publishing interrupts to your player here.

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