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How to use Signagelive in Interactive Kiosk Mode on your BrightSign Player
How to use Signagelive in Interactive Kiosk Mode on your BrightSign Player
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Requirements before you begin:

  • A BrightSign device that is activated against a valid Signagelive licence

  • A keyboard and mouse to connect to your device

The interactive kiosk mode is designed for interactive kiosks use-cases. While in interactive kiosk mode the Signagelive client will show static, scheduled content when it is not being used and interactive content such as a web application when it is.

Enabling Interactive Kiosk Mode

Interactive kiosk mode can be enabled or disabled on the client at any time. To enable kiosk mode:

  • Attach a keyboard and mouse to your BrightSign Player that is already running Signagelive.

  • Press CTRL + S to open the Settings menu.

  • Enable the checkbox for interactive kiosk mode.

  • Set the desired inactivity timeout.

Scheduling interactive content to your kiosk

All default and scheduled content that is scheduled to your player will play as normal while the kiosk is in an idle state (not being used).

You will need to publish an interrupt to your player, which is triggered automatically in Signagelive when someone interacts with the kiosk. In order to publish an interrupt for the interactive content that shows on the player when it is being used:

  • In Signagelive, go to Content > Publish

  • Choose to show the content As The Result of a Trigger.

  • Select to show the interrupt With a key press and on the next screen select Key T.

  • You do not need to set a key to stop the interrupt and you can either choose to play to the length of the asset or playlist or for a specified duration.

  • On the next screen choose the asset, playlist, or layout that you would like to show on the kiosk while it is in an active state.

  • Select your player and press Publish.

Once the content has successfully published, you can trigger the interrupt by either touching the screen (if touchscreen is supported on your hardware) or by clicking an attached mouse.

Please Note

The interrupt trigger key must be set to T as there is no option in Signagelive for kiosk-specific interrupts at this time. Although it is set to T, the keyboard is not supported so you will need to use the mouse, or a touchscreen as mentioned above

How can I find out more about Signagelive on BrightSign Players?

You can find out more by visiting our Signagelive for BrightSign site, or by reading the articles within the BrightSign Player Section

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