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Publishing a Playlist between chosen dates and times
Publishing a Playlist between chosen dates and times
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To learn more about publishing a Playlist we have a short video tutorial below:

From the Signagelive Dashboard page:

Select Content > Publish

You will then be presented with a series of 3 steps:

Step 1: How/When - When do you want this content to play?

  • In this interface, choose Between chosen dates and times and you will then be asked to select a Start / End date for the schedule. Leave the settings at their default if you wish this schedule to play indefinitely once downloaded to your player.

Please Note

A player will fall back to any earlier schedule or if any is set, the schedule you have applied to play when nothing else is scheduled. Should a device not have any other content to play, then a Signagelive Green checkmark (tick) will appear to indicate that the device is ready to receive new content

Step 2: What (Content) - What do you want to publish?

  • Click on the Step 2 tab to expand it

  • Select Playlist

  • Pick out your full-screen content and click OK

  • A preview of the selected Playlist will appear

Step 3: Where (Players) - Which Players do you want to publish to?

  • Now choose the Select Players option

  • Pick which players you wish to push this content to

Please Note

It is possible to edit or change any part of the schedule you have created whilst still within the Publisher module, however, once you move to a different area of Signagelive, you will need to restart the process.

  • When you are ready to send your content to your player:

  • Press the Review & Publish button, to see a summary of the options you have chosen above Click on the green, Publish to Players option in the bottom right of your screen to push the changes out to your chosen players with these settings


Your content is now being processed by our servers queuing system, and should be downloaded to your players local storage shortly. The time this takes will be dependant on the Content Check interval you have applied to your player, along with the processing of the content on our back-end server.

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