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If you want to give a voice to local teams, sites, or users, then you can use the Local Playlist/Local User features. By publishing a Local Playlist across your screens, then creating and assigning Local Users, you can give others the ability to add and schedule their own playlist, subject to the controls you set.

There are two aspects to this: the creation of Local Users, and the configuration and publication of Local Playlists.

If you're a Local User yourself, then you can jump straight to the second to last section!

Important Note: Without a Local Playlist, a Local User has nothing to add content to. And without a Local User assigned to the Player the Playlist is published to, your Local Playlist will remain empty. So please ensure you follow all steps below to set this powerful feature up.

Setting up Local Users

To make use of a Local Playlist; firstly, a Local User must be created. Secondly, they must be given permission to access the Player(s) the Local Playlist has been or will be associated with (see the "Configuring your Local playlist" section below). The two stage process is outlined below.

Creating a Local User:

  • Log in to your Signagelive Network (as an Administrator)

  • Select Settings

  • Select Users

  • Select Create User

  • Enter First Name

  • Enter Last Name

  • Choose Local User from the privileges list

  • Enter and confirm the email address

  • Select Create User (top right of page)

You will be shown a notification to confirm the completion of the user creation and the new user will receive an email (to the address given during the creation), requesting activation of their new account.

Assigning Local Users to Players:

  • Within the User area; Select the Local User you would like to give Player permissions to, and select the Local User Player Permissions tab.

  • Select 'Add New Player Permissions' and select from a list of your Players which ones you would like this Local User to have access to.

Tip! You can also set the Local User Tags. Tags added to the Local User will correspond to Tags added to your content. So content tagged 'Sales' can be accessed by your Sales team.

Setting up Local Playlists.

If you've followed the steps above, then all your Local Users need is a Playlist to access. You can add a Local Playlist asset to a new or existing Playlist by following these steps:

  • Log in to your Signagelive Network (as an Administrator or User)

  • Select Content

  • Select Playlist to open your library

  • Create a new, or open an existing Playlist

  • Select the Control Assets Folder on the left of your Playlist Creator screen

  • Drag a Local Playlist Asset into your Playlist Timeline and follow the next steps to configure it.

Configuring your Local Playlist

Once you have added a Local Playlist, you can double click to open up the properties. Within this you can set the following:

  • Name - This is the title given to the Local Playlist created and added to your initial Playlist

  • Create a Playlist per Player - Choose either Yes or No, depending on whether you wish to have the same Local Playlist showing on all the players selected (in following steps), or to create a new, Local Playlist per player selected

  • Maximum Number of Assets - dictates maximum number of assets that can be added to this Local Playlist

  • Playback Mode - Choose to either play all the assets within the Local Playlist on each rotation of your initial Playlist OR to play only one asset each time, playing the next asset each rotation of the initial Playlist

  • Playback Duration - Allows you to set whether content should play to length or play to a set duration

  • Play Order - Choose to play assets in Normal, Random, Reverse or to only play Top X (given number of assets upon each play of the Local Playlist)

  • Select Players - By selecting this option, you will be taken to the Player Selection screen, where you can select which players to associate with this Local Playlist.

Please Note

If you choose not to 'Select Players' then your Local Playlist will be in available to use wherever it's published. However, if you don't assign any Local Users to your players, or your Local Users don't add any content, then the Local Playlist will remain empty, and skip.

How do I add content to my Local Playlist?

The short answer is, you don't! This is something for your Local Users to do so it's over to them. See below.

Adding Content as a Local User

If you're reading this as a Local User then you'll be pleased to know that an Admin on your network has done all the hard work for you! All you need to do is add and arrange your content.

Follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Signagelive Network (using the password provided or creating a new one)

  • Open the required Playlist from the selection available to you as the Local User (this list will be populated by whichever Playlists you, as a Local User, are given access to)

  • You can add or remove any media within this Playlist before previewing and saving the changes.

  • Once saved, the content will dynamically be updated within any Playlists your Local Playlist is currently part of.

Please Note

It is not possible to embed a local or nested playlist in a playlist that is already being used as a local or nested playlist.

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