Adding multiple players to your network
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Requirements before you begin:

  • You must be logged into your Signagelive Account

  • Preferable to know the model/s of your devices before going through the process

  • You must know the activation code of your device/s to complete the activation via .CSV

Within your Signagelive Network it is also possible to add multiple Players at any given time via our user interface, which provides a simple efficient way to add devices with their naming conventions rather than connect and activate them one by one to your network.

The following article will introduce you to this process in how to use your network to add multiple Players in a single process as opposed to individually; ideal for larger scale deployments.

How to add multiple players

The steps below will help you add one or multiple players for the first time:

  • Within your desired Signagelive network, please click on either the Network > Manage menu or the Settings > Licences menu. Either route will take you to the same process, so it is up to you on which of these methods you select.

  • Within either of these areas, select the Blue Plus Button (blue button with +) and click Player.

At this stage You will now be presented with a full range of hardware manufacturers and operating systems that applies to the Signagelive Media Player options. Please now select the option relevant to your use case from the menu and proceed with the following steps:

  • As noted, Select the relevant manufacturer/operating system from the options.

  • At this point you can either click on the ‘Select your player model’ drop down and select your Player Model from the menu and it will give you a full instructions set on how to install below, or alternatively for this article you need to select “Upload a .CSV of Player Details”.

  • Before clicking “Upload a .CSV of Player Details”, if you have not done this process before you will need to click “Download a .CSV Template” and this will download a file named “CSVUploadTemplate.csv” to your local computer.

Please Note

We recommend the use of Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel to open and edit your “CSVUploadTemplate.csv” file. Other applications are available, however these being the most commonly used for such a process.

  • With the “CSVUploadTemplate.csv” file now open in a suitable software that allows you to read and edit the .CSV, you will see that we provide you with the following columns that need to be completed per device - model, hardwareId, licenceCode, name, address1, address2, town, postcode, county, country, activationCode, refCode1, refCode2, refCode3, refCode4, refCode5, refCode6, refCode7, refCode8, refCode9, refCode10, tags.

  • Please now complete the appropriate information for the amount of Players you wish to mass upload to your Signagelive network as per the provided rows and when complete please ensure your .CSV file is saved. You may need to export this out of your selected editing tool and therefore ensure you export as a .CSV.

Please Note

  • You MUST already have the licenses you want to use within the network already. Adding the licenses to the CSV is only to connect the existing license to the player, not to upload the license to the network.

  • When completing the tags section each tag will need to be separated by a space to show it is a different tag.

This is an example of how the CSV file could look once it is filled out:

model,hardwareId,licenceCode,name,address1,address2,town,postcode,county,country,activationCode,refCode1,refCode2,refCode3,refCode4,refCode5,refCode6,refCode7,refCode8,refCode9,refCode10,tagsXT1144,ABCD1234,1234-ABCD-1234-ABCD,Player Name,Street 1,Building 1,Saffron Walden,CB10 1UD,Essex,UK,ABC123,reference Code1,reference Code2,reference Code3,reference Code4,reference Code5,reference Code6,reference Code7,reference Code8,reference Code9,reference Code10,Player-tag1 Player-tag2
  • You will now need to go back and click the “Upload a .CSV of Player Details” button that you previously saw in the process, then select your saved .CSV file and this will proceed to allowing you to check your added information.

  • Once you have gone through this process you will be provided with a summary of the details in your .CSV in our user interface where you can amend and if you're happy, please now click the Add Player(s) button to proceed.

  • Your Players will now begin to activate and will soon be showing default Signagelive media shortly. You have successfully completed the process and your Network will now begin to show your connected Players shortly.

Please Note

  • If on the upload of the CSV you upload fields which are longer than the allowed length they will be shortened automatically.

  • If players from different manufacturers are being added, you'll need one CSV file per manufacturer.

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