Ability to rename assets in your playlist



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    Daniel Haddock

    Hi Ingmar and thank you for your improvement suggestion.

    Yes I agree, this is a common struggle with the UI, and a feature I hope to see implemented in any upcoming updates to our platform for all widgets we produce.

    At this time, you can edit any widgets name by downloading the widget, and producing the copies of the widget you wish to use each with their unique <title>. Changing this HTML tab in the Inde.html file will cause the Widget name to be changed and make distinguishing the widget much easier for you moving forward. Then once finished zip each file for the widget up, and convert the zip back to a .wgt to ensure the widgets are in the correct format before uploading the content.

    If you are not comfortable with this process, then feel free to flag the widgets you wish to have updated for any upcoming project to our support staff, and we would be happy to set those up for you: support@signagelive.com. (A charge may be incurred for regular changes to widget assets, as this could be classed as custom development under your current SLA with us).

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