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How can I create a Conversation?
How can I create a Conversation?
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There are a couple of ways to start a conversation with our Signagelive team, this article details the methods in which you can start a new conversation.

Via Live Chat

  1. Click the Live Chat modal located in the bottom right-hand side of your Signagelive Network or from our homepage

  2. Click Ask a question from either the Home tab or the Messages tab

  3. Type in your question and hit Send (or Enter)

Upon completing the steps above, you'll start a new conversation with our Signagelive Bot, from here our bot will attempt to answer your query.

Please Note

If our Signagelive Bot cannot answer your query, fear not - you'll always be given the option to Talk to a person, which you can click at any time to be put in touch with our Signagelive team.

Via Email

  1. Send an email with your query to [email protected] - this will be sent directly to our Support Team who will pick this up when our next agent becomes available.

For more information on contacting our Support Team, please see this article.

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