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The Signagelive Roadmap - What's coming
The Signagelive Roadmap - What's coming
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At Signagelive, we are transparent about what we are working on and towards. You can see exactly what is in our Development Roadmap, here.

You can view the updates made for each Player type or for the Signagelive Platform itself as well as viewing the 'Term' applied to each update, which shows a timeline of when it should be expected.

What do the columns mean?

We do not have a definitive timeline when it comes to development, as some developments take longer than others and our strict QA (Quality Assurance) and testing process means that a feature or improvement won’t be launched until it meets the correct standards.

We do, however, list our terms as Near, Mid and Long term, they can be broken down as follows:

  • In Testing - Initial development has been completed and has now been passed to our QA team for testing, if the feature passes testing, it will be queued for release, if for any reason the feature fails, it will be passed back to development for further work before more testing

  • Near-Term - Currently being developed. Feature will remain under development until ready to be placed in testing

  • Medium Term - is planned or under development

  • Long-Term - May be under development or being planned to begin development work, but not imminently.

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