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Grant Network Access is being enabled on your Signagelive Network on 15th January 2024
Grant Network Access is being enabled on your Signagelive Network on 15th January 2024
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In 2023, we enabled a new security measure called Grant Network Access for any Signagelive Networks created after the 12th of June 2023. Today, we are notifying you that as of 15th January 2024, the Grant Network Access feature will be enabled for all remaining Signagelive Networks (including yours) - Learn More

We’re not expecting any downtime during this process, but once complete this will result in Network Access needing to be granted to our Signagelive Team as and when we would need to access your Signagelive Network (eg. when troubleshooting issues with our Support Team for example).

What is Grant Network Access?

Grant Network Access is an enhanced security measure we developed to strengthen our commitment to delivering the highest level of customer security and platform usage. The concept is simple, if a member of our Signagelive Team requires access to your Signagelive Network - a Network Access Request will need to be raised and approved in order for us to access your Network.

These requests can be approved (or rejected) by an administrator or a user with the relevant permissions on your Signagelive Network, and Grant Network Access gives you control over the level of access as well as the duration of time that our Signagelive Team has access to your Network.

Common examples of why you would need to provide access include:

  • You have technical Issues that are required to be escalated through our Support Team.

  • You need to provide a visual view of your Signagelive Network/s to seek assistance.

  • You need to allow for a Media Player replication of issues that you have raised.

If set, once an access period has passed our team will no longer have access to the Signagelive Network/s in question and will need to raise a new Access Request in order to access your Network once again.

For a better understanding, please take a look at the following video:

Ian Maison - Director of Technical Services - Signagelive

“Signagelive, both a platform and employees, take data security very seriously as it’s core fundamental to our business. The addition of Grant Network Access further stresses our commitment to this important area, and moving forward we are going to restrict Signagelive employees from accessing your Network/s and associated information unless you have given explicit consent.

We recognise the trust you place in Signagelive when it comes to data security, and I can reassure you that we as individuals and a business continue to always be committed to protecting your data and evolving our platform.”

Any questions?

  • When is this happening? - Grant Network Access is being enabled for all remaining Signagelive Networks on the 15th of January 2024.

  • In what case might this affect me earlier? - Grant Network Access has been readily available for newly-created Networks since 12th June 2023. Therefore, the only reason you may see Grant Network Access on your Signagelive Network earlier than this date is if you create a new Network.

  • Can I disable Grant Network Access? - No, this cannot be disabled.

  • Is there anything I need to do today? - No, this is simply a notification to let you know what new tools will be appearing soon.

  • Will I be able to avoid granting access every time? - You can choose to grant Signagelive access indefinitely if you prefer (this access can also be removed at any time too, should you wish).

  • How can I find out more? You can learn more about Grant Network Access by visiting our Help Centre or by watching this video

If you have any additional questions that we haven’t covered above, then please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any or require any further information. Please feel free to reach out to [email protected] or contact your Reseller at any time if needed.

In the meantime, we’ve put together a list of initial Grant Network Access FAQs for you, which will hopefully answer any initial questions you may have - View FAQ here.

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