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How to configure debug options on the Electron player (Windows)
How to configure debug options on the Electron player (Windows)
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On the Signagelive Electron player, it has been possible to enable/disable some debug options since version 1.0.43. This article will explain the debug options that are available and how they can be configured.

Which debugging options can be configured?

The table below shows the debugging options that can currently be configured:

Option Name



When set to true the Chrome developer tools will display in a separate window whilst the Signagelive media player is running.

When the developer tools are enabled two developer tool windows will be displayed.

    1. The first one shows the developer tools for the main media player window.

    2. The other is for a hidden background window.

Generally, when debugging the media player you will always be interested in window 1.

If devToolsEnabled is false or not specified then developer tools will be disabled and will not be visible.


The Signagelive media player will by default listen for and consume all key presses even when it is not the Window with focus. This is important to ensure features like keyboard interrupts work as expected.

Setting disableGlobalKeypress to true will modify this behaviour so that the Signagelive media player will only listen for and consume key presses when it is the window that has focus.


Since 1.0.45 the Signagelive media player window will always display in front of all other windows. This is preferable in general usage but for debugging this can make it difficult to view and access other windows such as the developer tools Windows.

If you set alwaysOnTop to false, this will disable this functionality allowing other windows with focus to be viewed in front of the media player.

If this setting is true or not specified the Signagelive media player will always display in front of all other windows.

How do I configure the debugging options?

The debugging options can be specified in a JSON file called debug.json that must be included in the application root directory.

The debug.json file should look like the example below:

{"devToolsEnabled": true,"disableGlobalKeypress": true,"alwaysOnTop": false}

This file should be located in the following directory:

  • Windows:


Will this functionality be supported on macOS?

Currently, we have not publicly released an update for the OSX client that includes these capabilities. However, this functionality will be included in the next macOS media player release.

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