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How to debug your LG webOS player
How to debug your LG webOS player
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If you are experiencing issues with your LG player and are seeking assistance from our Support Team, we may ask you to provide some debug information from your player. This article will detail the varying methods in which you can retrieve this information from your player.

Retrieving debug information from the player itself

  • Press ‘Settings’ on your remote control

  • Select EZ Settings

  • Select SI Server Settings

  • Change Application Launch Mode to Local

  • Turn on Fully Qualified Domain Name

  • Type in the Signagelive LG debug application URL - using either your keyboard or remote control

  • Select 'IPK' under App Type

  • Select Local Application Upgrade and change to Remote

  • Select ‘Confirm’

  • Select ‘OK’

  • Turn display off and on again

Retrieving debug information from a web browser on the same local network as your player

  • You can enable debugging on your LG player and monitor this from a web browser on your Laptop/PC if you are on the same local network. To do so, please follow these steps.

Pro Tip:

You can retrieve the IP address of your player by heading to Network > Manage within Signagelive, click on the player and then head to the System tab.

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