Is the Legacy PC Client still supported?
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If you have been using Signagelive for some time then you may be familiar with us having two different versions that can run on the Windows Operating System; these being referenced as Legacy PC Client and Signagelive for Windows.

Please Note

The Legacy PC Client is our much older version that has historically been available since the days of Windows XP up to the current time of Windows 10 and relied on pre-requisites such as .NET Framework 2.0, Codec Packs and Windows Media Player.

The Signagelive for Windows client is our newer HTML5 based client for Windows, which removes the need for any prerequisites and is used for our accreditation devices.

Is the Legacy PC Client still supported?

Answer: Yes.

The Legacy PC Client is still supported and works, however, there are some things to be aware of.

  • At the beginning of 2020, we ceased providing the Legacy PC Client to new customers. Therefore, if you are a customer that already has the Legacy PC Client installed on your networks or have a history of using the client for your projects, then we can assist in providing this client if required.

  • For new customers, we do not provide the Legacy PC Client.

  • If you have the Legacy PC Client then whilst this may operate on older Windows versions, the Support Team are only providing support for devices running on Windows 10.

Please Note

Our Legacy PC client is not supported on Windows 11 in both new and existing installations of Signagelive. We recommend purchasing an approved device or getting in touch with our Support Team regarding having a custom image created for your desired use case.

Where can I download the Legacy PC Client?

As per our answer above, if you meet this criterion where you've had the Legacy PC Client installed on one of your Signagelive Networks then please contact our Support Team for further assistance. We do not make the download link of this client publicly available any longer.

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