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Screensaver Edition: How to install the software?
Screensaver Edition: How to install the software?
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To begin install the Screensaver Edition you will need to carry out the following steps:

  1. To begin you will need to download the latest version of the Signagelive Screensaver Edition. It can be downloaded from your Downloads area on your network, but here's a direct link for you to use as well - Get Screensaver Edition.

  2. Once downloaded, please ensure you extract the setup file from the file and select Extract Here. This will ensure the signagelive_setup_screensaver_edition.exe that will be extracted is placed in the same folder you downloaded the original zip to.

  3. Once you've extracted the setup file, you will now be ready to run the setup file you have downloaded from your signagelive network, or if you are new user, through the free 30 day trial process. To run the setup file and launch the Signagelive Setup Wizard, simply double click the signagelive_setup_Screensaver_edition.exe file, or right click it and select Open.

  4. When the Setup Wizard opens, you will first receive a window that welcomes you to the Signagelive setup and it will prompt you through the process with a series of instructions that you can follow.

  5. On the first couple of prompts shown, you are welcomed to the software and then on the second screen you are asked where you would like to install Signagelive on your device. A default location is already added, so if you don't wish to change anything then simply click Next on this screen. If you would however like to change the location, please click on the Browse button and select the area you'd like to install our software.

  6. On the third prompt of the wizard you are shown where the setup will place the Signagelive program's shortcuts. You can of course change this information with the Browse button, however a default location is already added for you and you can click Next when you are ready to proceed.

  7. On the fourth prompt of the wizard you are given an overview of where Signagelive will be installed on your device. If you are happy to proceed then please click on the Install button, however if you are not, then click Back to go to previous screens to change this information.

  8. After clicking the Install button, on the fifth prompt of the wizard you will be shown the software being installed on your device. You will be shown a progress bar of the files being added and once complete you will be automatically shown the final prompt of the setup process.

  9. On the last prompt of the setup process, you will be able to now automatically launch the Signagelive straight away if you choose to do so. To complete the setup process all you now need to do is click the Finish button and you are finished installing the software to your device.

After clicking the Finish button the set up wizard will close and you'll shortly be shown a Signagelive graphic which will be quickly followed by the Signagelive Configuration Wizard where you can begin to register your device to an available licence.

Congratulations you've just installed the Signagelive Screensaver Edition.

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