What is the LG webOS 109 error?
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In relation to the error - LG webOS 109 Error being displayed on your LG screen.


LG has confirmed that error 109 is shown when the IP Address is unreachable, and therefore reflects on a network connectivity issue you may be experiencing with your LG Media Player.

On webOS 4 devices - tested on 22SM3G so far - if the player does not have an internet connection when the 'src' on the iframe is applied, the default Window behaviour has been modified to show an error page of either 106 (Disconnected from the Local network) or 109 (IP Address is unreachable).

As well as showing a default error page, the iframe also fires the load event to confirm the page has loaded in the Signagelive app and essentially tells the Signagelive Media Player that the page loaded content successfully, unfortunately, the content is an error image and not your target content*.

*This last part is important. The media player thinks the web page has fully loaded, it shows the iframe and continues to display it for the zone or assets total configured duration without trying to reload.


After receiving a 109 Error code, you need to shorten the web asset down to 30 seconds in length and begin troubleshooting the IP Address error within your local network. The asset will refresh every 30 seconds, and once the issue has been resolved, the content should play.

If you are unable to identify the issue locally, please contact [email protected] with a rundown of the tests carried out, system/Signagelive details and any other images or observations that can assist our team in helping you troubleshoot this matter.

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