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LG webOS Connectivity Checker 
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Written by Ian Maison
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We've created a connectivity checker URL in case your player isn't connecting, but the reasons aren't apparent why. To use this, please enter the following URL into your panel: (replacing the original Signagelive application URL).

When launched, the application will work through a series of four tests and then return the results to your display for you. The tests will hopefully reveal to you the issue, however, if you would like to send a photo of the results to our Support Team for analysis then please do so.

The results of the tests will relate to the following:

  • Test 1 - Whether panel can connect to our API

  • Test 2 - Whether panel can connect to API and be capable of downloading media

  • Test 3 - Whether panel can connect to our time/date server

  • Test 4 - Whether panel can connect to download firmware from Signagelive.

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